Addmefast Auto Likes YouTube Imacros 2018 Working 100%

Addmefast Auto Likes YouTube Imacros 2018 Working 100%

Addmefast Auto Likes YouTube Imacros Script Update 2018 Working 100%

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Hey guys, here is another iMacros script that will like Facebook pages on AddMeFast. It was tested to be able to work 100% in year 2018. First, to run this script you need to prepare the following tools:

Simply put this Javascript in the following location:


This is what you’ll need for this bot:

Be careful with old Firefox versions, Imacros only support for version firefox:

– Version 9.0.3 Full support for Version Firefox 48+.

– Version 8.9.7 Fixed Firefox 46 compatibility issue

  • 32 bit download:
  • 64 bit download:

– Version 8.9.6 This update fixes an issue with the upcoming Firefox Version 44+.

Link mediafire Firefox 46.0.1: Download

Setup Imacros addon on firefox, download here:

View install script imacros on firefox here: view detail


A Facebook account

A Facebook fan page


Run the script, and type in how many times you want to loop. In most cases, just type ‘99999’.

This script goes to AddMeFast, (after you’re logged in), automatically clicks the Facebook Likes section, and will start liking people’s pages. It will wait a sufficient amount of time before going to the next page, until it repeats ~5 times. Once it is done, it will click back on the Facebook Likes section to ‘refresh’ the line of new facebook likers. That’s pretty much for stability reasons. [​IMG]

Video tutorials make it easier for you to run imacro scripts:

You will get points for each like, which you can cash out for Likes, comments, subscribers, any social media related. Enjoy guys!

Link mediafire download: Download

New update script here:



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