Five ways to make money on facebook in 2018


Have you ever wondered how to make money on Facebook? How to make money from Facebook like? This article will show you 5 ways to make money on Facebook.

Facebook is the largest social network in the world today with over 1.5 billion users. The huge number of users turning Facebook into a huge money-making opportunity with people who take advantage of and grasp the advantages that this social network brings.

Five ways to make money on facebook in 2018

Make money from Facebook, say easy is not easy but difficult is not too difficult. If you know how to do it, choose the right way to make money and work hard to “plow” the money from Facebook is completely in your hands.

There are a lot of online money making guides as well as on Facebook in particular, just open and search for keywords like:

“How to make money from Facebook”

“How to make money from Facebook”

“Make money on Facebook like?”

“Make money on Facebook like”


“The fastest way to make money online” and so on.

You will receive a list of dozens of articles on how to make money online and how to make money on Facebook. Some articles have specific content and instructions, some are just general words that make you very difficult to grasp. Some other results are online money making classes or money making courses from Facebook.

To help you better understand the ways of making money on Facebook simple and effective. In this article, we will give you a list of the five best ways to make money on Facebook so you can learn and apply yourself to making money with Facebook.

1. Make money on Facebook from sales

With a huge number of users, you can view Facebook as a large market and with no barriers to trade or big business barriers to start making money on the market.

Make money on Facebook from sales

If you know how to use the basic features of Facebook, you can create a Facebook page to serve your own sales. Just create a Facebook page with your shop name or store name impressive, then post the image or product information that you want to sell. Note that once you have created a sales page to make money on Facebook, you need to promote it, attract many people like it, or run ads so that more people know your sales page and the The product you are selling.

You can also use Facebook’s advertising and marketing tools such as Facebook Lookalike Audiences to better measure and direct users. If you do not know anything about Facebook Lookalike Audiences then read this post: Facebook Lookalike Audiences?

Advantages of creating a sales page:

– Unlimited number of people like, join and follow up activities on your shop.
– Can use Facebook ads to attract more like and visit the shop.

The disadvantage of setting up a sales page on Facebook:
– Must know a little about the use and features of Facebook.
– The first time you set up Page is hard to sell because there are few people know, to get people like page and know your sales page in the first time is quite difficult.

Sales on personal Facebook page

If you do not understand much about the features of Facebook, just post it on your Facebook Timeline. Update status regularly with product images. Remember to specify the price and method of contact so that friends in the list can buy the goods from you the easiest way! In this way, you will earn money from your customers on Facebook. You need to make lots of friends, so many people that they can see what you want to sell.
Advantages of selling on personal profiles
– No need to know much about technology, just post the picture and status with the attractive words are sold.
– New time you sell you will have more people accessing product information (including those on your current friends list).
Disadvantages of selling on profiles
 Facebook limits the number of friends to a maximum of 5000, so you can not have more than 5,000 friends, but 5k in a friendlist is enough, not to mention others who can follow you if they are interested.
– It is difficult to build a personal brand, not to mention Facebook will block the ability to make friends if you proactively make too many friends.
– Annoying friends. One of the biggest downsides I found in direct sellers on “Face” was that they were annoying. It was a bad idea to tag as many friends as you like on a line.

2. Make Money From Fanpage Renters

Most big companies, brands, products or websites now have their own fanpage on Facebook. Managing these fan pages to keep Facebook users, branding on Facebook and customer care takes time and effort. Instead of hiring an office worker to do this, companies often hire freelancers (at home) to manage their fanpage pages.

Make Money From Fanpage Renters

You can easily earn a lot of money by managing, updating information on the Fanpage and answering the questions the members hire for these big companies / brands. Often companies / organizations pay a fixed salary of $ 200 – $ 600 per month to their Facebook fan page.
Advantages of Making Money From Fanpage Rental:
– Make money from Facebook through free time, flexible working time (suitable for those who already have jobs, students who want to work more or those who care for children)
– No need to compete, not search for customers. Most work is status management, status updates for fanpage and deletion of spam posts as well as junk comments.

Disadvantages of hiring a Fanpage admin
– Earnings are fixed (as a salary) and hard to get rich from this job
– Difficult to find a job. The number of people who registered to manage Fanpage Facebook a lot, while Fanpage number is less demand.

3. Make money on Facebook by creating and selling your fanpage

One of the ways to make money on Facebook is quite interesting. However, you must have a keen mind and understand the user’s usage habits to perform. In addition, making money through Facebook fanpage sales requires you to invest long-term investment.

First, try to create a fan page that talks about a certain area to attract participants. (According to my personal experience, in Vietnam, fanpage images, emotions, love, humor, sensationalism, or beautiful women will be attracted to many like and many people. use join comment share).

After creating fanpage and attracting a certain number of users (over 100,000 likes), you can offer your fanpage for 10 to 10 million for interested parties.

4. Make Money From Selling Ads On Fanpage

If you have a large fanpage, but you do not want to sell that fanpage, you can still earn money from fanpage by selling ads on Fanpage.

Websites, brands that want to promote their images will hire you to post their promotions / images / photos on your fanpage as a status. Depending on the amount of likes on your fanpage more or less that amount you can make money from Facebook also varies. Normally, a status line on a 100k likes Facebook page will be sold for between $ 200 and $ 500.

5. Open the Facebook advertising service

Many companies / services want to promote their image on Facebook but do not know how to advertise on Facebook. You can find out how to advertise on Facebook then open the service to create Facebook ads for those who have needs. You will earn money from the way you earn by earning the difference from the service users with the money you pay for Facebook to run ads.

Advantages of Facebook advertising services
– Can earn a lot of money, and can open a company advertising services for their own Facebook.
– Work is light and risky. Just pick up the customer’s money first, then run the ad later. The process of running ads is completely automatic and requires very little management effort.

Disadvantages of Facebook advertising services
– Highly competitive. Facebook advertising companies are blossoming in the market with strong sales force. If you do not have your own search engine, you will not be able to compete.
Must be knowledgeable about advertising strategies on Facebook, and have a strong sales team to find customers.

In addition to the five best ways to make money on Facebook, there are many other ways to make money from Facebook like making money from Facebook like, making money by becoming a Facebook partner, etc.



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