Instructions for installing and using the iMacros tool update 2018


Instructions for installing and using the iMacros tool update 2018

Instructions for installing and using the iMacros tool update 2018

So what is iMacros?

Whatever you do with a web browser, iMacros can automate it from web automation/web scripting, to data extraction, to web testing, and much, much more.

With me, simply:

iMacros is a utility that helps you automate mouse actions on your browser, saving you time and effort.

What can iMacros do?

You can use iMacros to automatically click on banner ads, automatically like the page display, automatically view youtube, automatically surf the website to earn points, to serve the need to make money. As you may be different than a little like automatic unlike page fb, automatic unfriend fb, auto fb invite, automatically do something that you feel tired to work continuously, while work Just click and identical, it is to serve the needs of optimizing your work (play) process.

Install and use iMacros for Browser

Link Download:

+ Add-on cho Chrome: Click Here

+ Add-on cho Firefox:  Click Here

After completing the installation, the top right corner of the browser will display the iMacros icon

the iMacros icon on firefox

IMacros File Folders (C: \ Users \ {User_Computer} \ Documents \ iMacros \ Macros)
Area for running iMacros File Run (Pause / Pause / End)
Run the iMacros file several times (Max is the number of times you want)

Record: Start recording mouse gestures on the browser.
Stop: Stop Record when the process is complete.
Save: After the record is complete, select Save to save the record.
Record options: Customize Record.
Save Page As: Save Page
Take Screenshot: Take photo website
Del. Cache & Cookies: When you use the Browser for a long time, Browser will be very heavy because it has to save a lot of temporary data. Select this button to delete them.
Wait during Play: Timeout for each operation, use in case of slow network, or secure website.

After you finish creating the record, but you still do not feel comfortable, please go to the Edit tab.

the iMacros icon on firefox

How does iMacros work?

Do you have any knowledge of algorithms and programming languages? Yes, it is definitely possible to use iMacros, but if not, watch the video below:

Example on page: – is a site that allows exchanging like, share, comment on social media …

– Turn on iMacros
– Rec / Record
– Use During Play: Standby time
– Record Options
– Yes or No: Favor IDs in selectors – Sometimes ID interactions will fail due to buttons, links with unique IDs, not the same.
– Stop
– Save

iMacros is a great tool, and hard to use. The beauty of it is the way we come up with ideas and apply iMacros to that idea. Let’s work together and make the process more efficient.
If you have any good ideas with iMacros then share with me and everyone.



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